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You should contact the retailer from which you bought the product with your proof of purchase in order to make a claim under the warranty.

You should go to the After sales section on our website to see if there are any spare parts for your Campingaz product in 'exploded view' file.

You can return the product to the retailer where the item was purchased.

You should check our website for up-to-date information about the current Campingaz product range per country.

All available Campingaz products can be found on our Campingaz website www.campingaz.nl/en

You should check the bed on punctures by going over the bed with soapy water and a spunge to find puncture location and repair it with a repair kit.

You should go to the After sales section on our website to see any manuals available for your product.

Campingaz and Coleman cartridges comply with standard EN417, and are made to be stored with no limit date, as far as the storage area is well ventilated and dry (as it is written on the body)

Campingaz® cylinders are widely available and exchangeable across Europe. Check our gas store locator on the website for authorised Campingaz exchange dealers. Only Campingaz® brand blue refillable bottles benefit from this exchange service. We are not responsible for, and make no commitment to take back a bottle that is not the original blue colour. The exchange of bottles of other brands is not possible.